About the Artist

Dutch pitcher (sold)

Dutch Pitcher, Oil on Panel, 8×8, 2013

I took my first art class when I was 12, from an artist in my neighborhood, a watercolorist who had also taught my father and his friends when they were children. She told me that she would not teach me to draw but rather to see. I have held onto that notion for these many years. That’s why I spend alot of time painting in my kitchen, struck as I am but the light, shadow, and space of my most familiar objects. In college at the University of Virginia, I concentrated on printmaking and photography, but also studied painting. My graduate degree from the University of Delaware is in printmaking and photography, all black and white. A trip to France in 1997 reminded me of everything that I love about color. Since then, I have been working on images of ordinary time, domestic moments, what I love about the things and people around me.


6 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. I attended the Willowbrook Gallery Showing but sadly, all your pieces were sold. Do you have any more available? My daughter and I so enjoyed your pieces-we thought maybe from Bath County-they were lovely. JS

  2. Just such a captivating show to see your work online. Your ability for “seeing” as your art professor emphasized gives your paintings unique character. Beautiful work. I hope we can get to your fall 2013 show. MDB

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