Based on a True Story

When my husband was diagnosed with a dreadful cancer in fall of 2004, the quotidian seemed unbearably precious and mighty far away. All painting ceased for 14 months. When I returned to the studio in the spring of 2006, with most of the danger behind us, these are the paintings that began to emerge. I worked with a combination of personal effects and photos that I took while at U.Va. in Holly Wright’s class. I am drawn to the monochrome palate and sense of absence and tenderness in these images I made 20 years ago. How did I know I’d need these pictures 20 years hence? Just lucky, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Based on a True Story

  1. “We are Still Here” and “I See Dead People” really spoke to me. I just browsed this page because of your link from the ravelry people site. You captured so much emotion in We are Still Here. A statement profound in itself. The scene captured in your artwork is reminiscent of my grandparents and their home. I lost my Papa in 2001 and my Grandmother just last month. I suppose I will be quite sentimental for a while. Just relishing anything that evokes their memories occupies me. The quite stolid tone of the first painting is beautifully breath-taking. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    I’m a ravelry browser, “Denurai” and hesitant knitter, Denise.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Lovely and touching. What a wonderful way to deal with this challenge and transform it into form, light and color. Hope to see more of your work. Love these.

    Lee Ann

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