Black and White: iPad Drawings

Two recent events have returned my thoughts to black and white. One is my son’s new-found enthusiasm for photography and my recognizing some of my eye in his work. The other is the aquisition of an iPad, which allows me to explore images with the sensibilities of monoprints and drypoints without needing a print shop. These images were included in the show “Six Printmakers” at Woodberry Forest Schoolin Orange, Virginia in November and December 2011 and “Cup Hook” was included in the Maryland Federation of Art Small Wonders Exhibition in December 2013. The drawings are created on the iPad with a program called Art Studio, then printed as high-resolution ink jet prints on fine art paper with archival inks. The images arise from my inheriting my grandmother’s tool box and my discovery of these beautiful artifacts worn smooth and still bearing her touch. The works are tender renderings of objects dear to me.

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