Home Place

These paintings are images from the sixties, seventies and eighties of my family’s property in Falls Church City and current images from the house where my parents still live. My grandparents built their home on this land in 1936, next door to the original family house, where I grew up. In the decades that we had to enjoy them, the field and the side yard were the site of our family weddings, neighborhood gatherings, baseball and volleyball matches and horse shows (way back when),  and the location of a prodigious garden which included grape vines from which my grandmother made the most beautiful jelly. After my grandmother’s death in 2006, the property was sold as she wished, to provide for her children and grandchildren. These paintings are a way of reimagining the great good fortune we had for so many years in our use and enjoyment of this place and they are a way for me to pour out my affection for these things we loved which now are memories.

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