iPad Paintings

Two presents under the Christmas tree made me think in new ways about painting. The first was a book I gave myself, Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman. She is an artist who paints everything wherever she goes. Her work is so beautiful and immediate that it made me think about doing the same thing: painting everything. The second present made that first idea much more realistic: an Apple iPad. There are myriad drawing apps available for the iPad; these images are made with Art Studio, Brushes, and ArtRage, using the Apple pencil. I am amazed at how transformative this tool is for thinking and seeing (and not just because there is an “undo” button). I have been making these paintings since December 2010. After drawing, I print them as high resolution images on archival paper with pigment ink. As such, they are the tangible iterations of digital images, not reproductions.



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